WAV Lucky Star (Marco Sartori Remix) 79.9 MB
WAV Borderline (Marco Sartori Remix) 80.0 MB
WAV Borderline Live (Marco Sartori Remix) 57.8 MB
WAV Burning Up (Marco Sartori Remix) 47.7 MB
WAV Holiday (Marco Sartori Remix) 64.7 MB
WAV Physical Attraction (Marco Sartori Remix) 77.9 MB
WAV Everybody (Marco Sartori Remix) 55.6 MB
WAV Material Girl (Marco Sartori Remix) 66.8 MB
WAV Like A Virgin (Marco Sartori Remix) 44.4 MB
WAV Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Marco Sartori Remix) 56.0 MB
WAV Into The Groove (Marco Sartori Remix) 43.4 MB
WAV Live To Tell (Marco Sartori Remix) 56.8 MB
WAV True Blue (Marco Sartori Remix) 49.3 MB
WAV La Isla Bonita (Marco Sartori Remix) 67.2 MB
WAV Who's That Girl (Marco Sartori Remix) 55.5 MB
WAV The Look Of Love (Marco Sartori Remix) 63.9 MB
WAV Like A Prayer (Marco Sartori Remix) 84.6 MB
WAV Express Yourself (Marco Sartori Remix) 61.8 MB
WAV Dear Jessie (Marco Sartori Remix) 60.6 MB
WAV Keep It Together (Marco Sartori Remix) 61.4 MB
WAV Vogue (Marco Sartori Remix) 67.1 MB
WAV Justify My Love (Marco Sartori Remix) 74.2 MB
WAV Rescue Me (Marco Sartori Remix) 76.2 MB
WAV Erotica (Marco Sartori Remix) 51.5 MB
WAV Fever (Marco Sartori Remix) 75.2 MB
WAV Deeper & Deeper (Marco Sartori Remix) 73.4 MB
WAV Bad Girl (Marco Sartori Remix) 55.1 MB
WAV Thief Of Hearts (Marco Sartori Remix) 76.2 MB
WAV Rain (Marco Sartori Remix) 75.8 MB
WAV Secret (Marco Sartori Remix) 46.8 MB
WAV I'd Rather Be Your Lover (Sartori Stripped Mix) 47.0 MB
WAV Don't Stop (Marco Sartori Remix) 44.0 MB
WAV Inside The Sweet Harmony (Sartori & Dubtronic Mash-Up) 76.9 MB
WAV Inside Of Me (Marco Sartori Remix). 69.7 MB
WAV Forbidden Love (Marco Sartori Remix) 76.6 MB
WAV Sanctuary (Marco Sartori Remix) 71.2 MB
WAV Bedtime Story (Marco Sartori Remix) 39.4 MB
WAV Take A Bow (Sartori & Dubtronic Remix) 67.1 MB
WAV I Want You (Marco Sartori Remix) 96.3 MB 
WAV I Want You (Marco Sartori Remix 2) 82.8 MB
WAV I Want You/Careless Whisper (Marco Sartori Remix) 49.0 MB
WAV Nothing Really Maters (Marco Sartori Remix) 43.1 MB
WAV The Power Of Goodbye (Marco Sartori Remix) 40.2 MB
WAV Frozen (Marco Sartori Remix) 46.0 MB
WAV Ray Of Light (Marco Sartori Remix) 55.9 MB
WAV Sky Fits Heven (Marco Sartori Remix  49.3 MB
WAV Swim (Marco Sartori Remix) 38.7 MB
WAV To Have And Not To Hold (Sartori + Dubtronic Remix 2020) 62.8 MB
WAV Music (Marco Sartori Remix) 67.6 MB
WAV Amazing (Marco Sartori Remix) 54.4 MB
WAV Nobody's Perfect (Marco Sartori Remix) 86.1 MB
WAV Don't Tell Me (Sartori & Dubtronic Remix) 70.3 MB
WAV What It Feels Like For A Girl (Marco Sartori Remix) 81.2 MB
WAV Gone (Marco Sartori Remix) 68.6 MB
WAV American Life (Marco Sartori Remix) 43.1 MB
WAV Hollywood (Marco Sartori Remix) 54.2 MB
WAV Love Profusion (Marco Sartori Remix) 53.2 MB
WAV Nobodys Knows Me (Marco Sartori Remix) 57.2 MB
WAV Nothing Fails (Marco Sartori Remix) 80.3 MB
WAV Die Another Day (Marco Sartori Remix) 38.1 MB
WAV Easy Ride (Marco Sartori Remix) 38.2 MB
WAV It's So Cool/Broken (Marco Sartori Remix) 78.4 MB
WAV Hung Up (Marco Sartori Remix) 66.3 MB
WAV Get Together (Marco Sartori Remix) 44.6 MB
WAV Sorry (Marco Sartori Demo Remix 2020) 67.7 MB
WAV Jump (Marco Sartori Remix) 40.7 MB
WAV How High (Dubtronic & Sartori Remix) 59.8 MB
WAV Isaac (Marco Sartori Remix) 73.1 MB
WAV 4 Minutes (Marco Sartori Remix) 42.3 MB
WAV Give It To Me (Marco Sartori Remix) 45.6 MB
WAV Miles Away (Marco Sartori Remix) 60.1 MB
WAV She's Not Me (Marco Sartori Remix) 48.4 MB
WAV Beat Goes On (Marco Sartori Remix) 52.1 MB
WAV Dance 2night (Marco Sartori Remix) 66.9 MB
WAV Voices (Marco Sartori Remix) 36.3 MB
WAV Girl Gone Wild (Marco Sartori Remix) 40.0 MB
WAV Turn Up The Radio (Marco Sartori Remix) 64.7 MB
WAV Give Me All Your Luvin (Marco Sartori Remix) 36.0 MB
WAV I Don't Give A (Marco Sartori Remix) 64.8 MB
WAV I'm A Sinner (Marco Sartori Remix) 55.9 MB
WAV Love Spent (Marco Sartori Remix) 39.6 MB
WAV Falling Free (Marco Sartori Remix) 44.1 MB
WAV Falling Free (Marco Sartori Piano Remix) 41.2 MB
WAV Living For Love (Marco Sartori Remix) 54.1 MB
WAV Living For Love (Marco Sartori Acoustic Remix) 54.2 MB
WAV Devil Pray (Marco Sartori Remix) 59.5 MB
WAV Devil Pray (Marco Sartori Remix 2) 52.1 MB
WAV Ghosttown (Marco Sartori Remix) 73.0 MB
WAV Heartbreak City (Marco Sartori Remix) 44.8 MB
WAV Inside Out (Marco Sartori Remix 1) 97.1 MB
WAV Inside Out (Sartori & Dubtronic Remix) 59.5 MB
WAV Wash All Over Me (Marco Sartori Remix) 91.0 MB
WAV Wash All Over Me (Marco Sartori Stripped Mix) 42.6 MB
WAV Messiah (Marco Sartori Remix) 50.3 MB
WAV Never Let You Go (Marco Sartori Remix) 76.4 MB
WAV Heaven (Marco Sartori Remix) 59.7 MB
WAV Madeline (Marco Sartori Remix)v48.5 MB
WAV Dark Ballet (Marco Sartori Remix)v38.7 MB
WAV Dark Ballet (2018 version)v39.6 MB
WAV God Control (Marco Sartori Remix)v56.5 MB
WAV Future (Marco Sartori Remix) 41.8 MB
WAV Batuka (Marco Sartori Mix 2) 48.8 MB
WAV Killers Who Are Partying (Skin Bruno & Marco Sartori Hypnotic Mix) 52.3 MB
WAV Killers Who Are Partying (Skin Bruno & Marco Sartori Dreaming Mix) 87.2 MB
WAV Cave (Raison d'être version) 41.0 MB
WAV Crave (Time To Dance) 78.0 MB
WAV Crazy (Marco Sartori Remix) 41.4 MB
WAV Crazy (Marco Sartori Stripped Mix) 59.1 MB
WAV Faz Gostoso (Marco Sartori Remix) 44.3 MB
WAV Bitch I'm Loka (Marco Sartori Remix) 40.4 MB
WAV I Don't Search I Find (Marco Sartori Remix) 48.0 MB 
WAV I Don't Search I Find (Marco Sartori Remix 2) 46.7 MB
WAV I Rise (Marco Sartori Remix) 32.8 MB
WAV Extreme Occident (Marco Sartori Remix) 40.3 MB
WAV Looking for Mercy (Marco Sartori Remix) 46.4 MB
WAV Me Against The Music (Marco Sartori Remix) 76.5 MB
WAV This Used To Be My Playground (Marco Sartori Remix) 50.7 MB
WAV Queen (Marco Sartori NuRo Remix) 35.5 MB
WAV Beautiful Stranger (Marco Sartori Remix) 39.0 MB
WAV Masterpiece (Marco Sartori Remix) 41.3 MB
WAV Spanish Eyes (Marco Sartori Remix) 77.3 MB
WAV Candy Perfume Girl (Marco Sartori Remix) 63.7 MB
WAV Like A Flower (Mi abandono A Ti) Feat. Laura Pausini 77.2 MB
WAV Crazy For You (Dubtronic & Sartori Remix) 68.6 MB
WAV Time Stood Still (Marco Sartori Remix) 75.1 MB
WAV Beat Goes On (Dubtronic & Marco Sartori Remix) 56.6 MB
WAV Has To Be (Sartori & Dubtronic Remix) 66.9 MB
WAV Keep It Together (Marco Sartori's Xmas Remix) 83.7 MB
WAV Madonna - Let It Will Be (Dubtronic & Sartori Remix) 61.5 MB
WAV Madonna Niki Haris & Donna De Lory - RAIN (Acoustic) 51.1 MB
WAV Madonna - Rain (Marco Sartori Remix Remastered) 76.8 MB
WAV Madonna VS Felix - Don't You Want A Prayer (Dj Martino Mash-up) 46.4 MB